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Unique Turkish cuisine has evolved over centuries and has absorbed the best culinary traditions of the Turkic tribes, as well as Mediterranean, Balkan, Arab and Caucasian cuisines. 

In Culinary school at the Festival of Turkey guests will learn to cook popular Turkish dishes at the master classes from the best Russian and Turkish chefs. 

First - the legendary dish Imam Bayildi (the Imam bayildi) – eggplants cut in halves and stuffed with vegetables in tomato sauce (variations are possible with meat). There are several versions of the origin of the name of this dish, translated as "the Imam was thrilled" or "the Imam fainted". Of course, the easiest way to explain this name is according to its amazing taste. But there is a beautiful legend about how the daughter of a merchant of olive oil (very expensive and rare in those days) was married to the Imam, and received 12 cans of this precious product as a dowry. And 12 days she pleased the husband with his favorite dish. And on the 13th day he learned how much it all cost, and that the oil was over. So he fainted!
Fortunately, today this delicious dish is accessible to everyone. 

And on Saturday 16 June at 13:00 popular rap artist Kravz will come to Cooking school to learn how to cook Imam Bayildi. 

Turkey is impossible to imagine without a variety of sweets. Turkish chef will teach those who wish to prepare one of the most popular and famous of Turkish desserts parmay vizier (Vezir parmağı) - finger of the vizier. These brownies from choux pastry, soaked in the sherbet take from their form – they do resemble fingers. 

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