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Such authentic places like Turkish cafe "Bardak" in Moscow you can find very rarely. So if you want to find yourself in one of the Istanbul cafes without leaving our city – you are definitely to come there! In "Bardak" it is really cozy and delicious for everyone: the Muscovites and the Turks, who come here over the years. But never think that there is a mess (Russian word “bardak”) in the cafe! Here you can find the glasses in the shape of a Tulip, into which a delicious Turkish tea is poured. And the name "Bardak" in Turkish means this glass. By the way, the "Bardak" with tea is one of the symbols of Turkish hospitality. The atmosphere in "Bardak" is very nice. But the main thing here, of course, is cuisine. In "Bardak" you can try dishes such as “Iskender kebab”, named after Alexander the Great, various scones “gezleme”, Turkish pizza “pide”, “sarma”, meat on the grill, always fresh “baklava”, the famous dessert “kunefe” and much more. For those who are just starting their acquaintance with Turkish cuisine there are 4 tasting sets. On the weekends from 12 to 15 Turkish breakfasts are served.







In the cafe "Shafran" you can try mouth-watering meat cooked on the grill, luscious kebab, delicious dishes of fish and poultry, saj, hot appetizers and a variety of salads for every taste, enjoy a variety of entrees. The main feature of the network of SHAFRAN is the fact that all dishes are cooked exclusively from natural ingredients, which are delivered to the restaurants every morning only from trusted and reliable vendors.







The KONAK restaurant invites everyone to visit the Turkey Festival in Moscow. Restaurant Konak is a bright and cozy restaurant that is perfect for friendly meetings and romantic dates. Konak is located on the Academician Pilyugina street, near the metro station "Novye Cheryomushki". In addition, nearby you can find parking. The interior is decorated in white tones, with colorful sofas and original Oriental chandeliers. For small companies the restaurant has a separate VIP-room, and in summer an outdoor terrace is open. On weekdays guests are offered business lunch. In the restaurant visitors will find dishes of European and Turkish cuisine and a wide selection of steam cocktails.







Roasted chestnuts are a godsend for vegetarians and adherents of a healthy lifestyle! They are very popular in Turkey! The company "Kastenhof" offers chestnut of the best varieties from the best suppliers.
Chestnut is a natural and environmentally friendly product, containing much valuable and nutritious substances, and to cook it you don't need other ingredients, in particular oil. Come to the Festival of Turkey and try these roasted chestnuts as in Turkey!