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Committed to the highest quality standards and passenger satisfaction, TURKISH DO & CO brings the best in Turkish hospitality to Turkish Airlines passengers. To ensure continued passenger satisfaction, periodic evaluations are undertaken to ensure that the in-flight service quality adheres to the high standards set, and to identify any challenges.

Turkish Airlines gives a warm welcome to its passengers with the possibility to choose among 3 alternatives as main course at Business Class and among 2 of them at Economy Class on extended range flights. Passengers are offered a variety of healthy beverages as well, even a specially developed drink for children that is made with no added-sugar.

To enhance passengers’ comfort and deliver the best quality service possible, business class passengers are offered hot and cold herbal teas, beverages that aim to reduce the effects of stress, indigestion and sleeploss. Passengers can also enjoy turkish coffee with “locum”.

Since the introduction of the new catering concept in 2007 on Turkish Airlines, the overall level of passenger satisfaction has doubled from 49% to 98%.

Turkish Airline’s catering services has won the first place in the Skytrax World’s Airline Award “Best Catering in Business Class” in 2013, 2014 and 2016. The catering service on Business Class is always in “Top 3” since 2010.

Since being chosen as the “Best Catering onboard in Economy Class worldwide” on 2010, Turkish Airlines’ onboard catering has been placed among the “Top 3” on Skytrax ‘Best Catering onboard in Economy Class worldwide’ list.

The catering concept has been completely updated in July 2015 based on the results of the study and feedback from passengers.

Fine Dining Above the Clouds: A Culinary Journey with Turkish Airlines

Turkish cuisine is a vast culinary treasure and each geographic area of Turkey represents a different piece of this delicious puzzle. Turkish Airlines menu offers guests delicious meals that meet the high standards of the company.

As the airline company that flies to the highest number of countries in the world, we are also very much aware of the fact that Turkish Airlines has to cater to international tastes. A variety of samples from various international cuisines as well as specific local meals is offered to the passengers.

All dishes are prepared daily from only the finest and fresh ingredients by the catering TURKISHDO&CO company, which is located in Istanbul. Every day TURKISHDO&CO prepares nearly 200,000 portions of catering. At each stage of the preparation the strictest rules and standards of hygiene are observed to ensure food safety.

On long-haul flights, in addition to a main dish, passengers are offered more snacks, sandwiches and pies.

Thanks to an outstanding special meal provided by TurkishAirlines, the journey will become something more than just the time spent between two destinations of the flights. It will be a real culinary journey on Board of the plane at 30,000 feet above the ground.



Regarding Our Menus

Turkish Airlines does not consider the catering service just a “meal service” but a true example of Turkish hospitality, as we want to satisfy our guests in an utmost level.

The unifying concept of serving, functional and aesthetic excellence of food and drink matches the service of a 5 star restaurant.

The menu was created by the best chefs, and meet different tastes of passengers. As part of the innovative concept of catering on long-haul flights and some flights for a short distance more than 400 "chefs on Board" work for passengers of business class, who offer an exquisite service of restaurant high under the clouds.

All chefs are selected and trained by TURKISH DO&CO in its gourmet kitchen, which is located right next to İstanbul Atatürk Airport.

The task of "chefs on Board" is not just to offer passengers in-flight meals and allow them to feel like a star high above the clouds.

Flying Chefs work alongside cabin crew and support the company to improve the quality with getting feedback directly from the guests.